The Hubbis platform (and content) is used by many types of wealth management firms to help them meet their compliance, CPD, reporting and general learning and development requirements - in a transparent, robust and professional manner

Platform overview

  • This is a purpose-built, stand-alone solution for wealth management training – for Private Banks, Retail Banks, Insurance Companies, IFAs, Multi-family Offices and Independent Asset Managers
  • We continually upgrade and enhance the content, functionality and technology
  • The most relevant content is covered by the course syllabus – including compliance, investment, skills and family wealth-related training
  • Training is available for users to access at their own convenience, 24/7
  • It gives you the ability to upload ALL internal and external training records to the platform to track TOTAL CPD hours
  • the platform offers custom-made regulatory reporting depending
  • Hubbis is the only provider of digital learning that is solely dedicated to the Asian wealth management industry
  • Unlimited access to all courses & assessments, recording & reporting, and competency assessment - costs USD 295 per user, per year

Key benefits of our digital learning solutions

  • Most importantly – it enables you to fulfil your significant compliance training requirements via various courses on the key topics and regulations
  • A low-cost way to ensure your staff fulfil and report all their mandatory continuing professional education needs – regardless of which type of wealth management organisation you are
  • Access to the IBF-accredited Hubbis FA-CPD Ethics and Rules & Regulations Programmes
  • Access to the Hubbis online learning courses with assessments – in addition to compliance, it also covers (among other topics) key investment products and portfolio management techniques, relationship management skills, and family wealth-related needs such as wealth structuring, tax planning, insurance, and more
  • Access to all 6 Hubbis conferences in Singapore (which otherwise cost USD 195 per person)

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We create assessed training material, available in multiple, user-friendly formats, which allows your staff to fulfill all their compliance and regulatory obligations.

Our Courses

Through simple access via an internet portal that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you will have access to 80+ proprietary e-learning courses and over 200 hours of "live learning" that cover core topics relevant to building and improving effective and appropriate advisory skills in an Asian industry context.


The Hubbis system allows the recording and reporting of all online and offline training that users complete, in order to then provide a complete training record for each individual, so that regulatory reporting is both comprehensive and easy to complete.

The Hubbis e-learning platform offers a dedicated report data generation feature that allows HR and compliance managers to generate customised data sets to match both internal and regulatory training reporting requirements.


We give HR & compliance managers the ability to build and manage learning plans, apply those plans to defined groups, and track and record each individual’s learning progress.

The e-learning reporting function also allows all offline and 3rd-party training to be uploaded to deliver a single, consolidated history for each user. It also enables organisations to report this training to the regulator in a fast, accurate and consistent format.


This new feature on the Hubbis system has been purpose-built to assist training administrators in assigning targeted training in customised learning plan for each user, irrespective of the number of users active on any given corporate account.

The system uses question sets to determine each user’s understanding level with respect to topics selected by the company administrator and assigns remedial training only where required, based on the individual’s performance against each topic.

  • Train & Retain

    Training employees reinforces their sense of value.

    Through training, employees achieve goals and ensure they have a solid understanding of their job. Training builds confidence and improves morale.

  • Stay Compliant

    Track your employees continous education process

    There is a digital trail left when you complete our courses. Use our integrated reporting system to check in and follow the training progress of your employees.

  • Prevent Mistakes

    Be ahead of the game "knowledge is power"

    Give your employees industry insight above the standard. Use any one of our learning options to educate your employees with relevant and current content.


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